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Hours: Tues - Fri. 1pm - 7pm; Sat. 9am - 2pm; closed Sunday & Monday
     I started riding motorcycles, snowmobiles & three wheelers when I was 5. In the late 80's I got my first Harley, a 1972 Sporty in a rigid w/ a long ass girder. It was wrecked so I put a short narrow glide on it & rode the piss out of it for 6yrs. This is when I knew I wanted to open a shop.
     In the late 90's I bought a tractor trailer full of used parts that an old friend had for sale. We rented storage space for the parts & worked out of a “little shack” behind my house. People would come to the house & would be told that I was "in the shack" out back, henceforth the name The Jebby Shack (click here to see the original). I started buying, selling & trading used parts & we started going to swap meets to set up to buy, sell & trade. 
     We moved to our present location in December 2000. We continued to do swap meets & I started getting prepared to open the shop. In May 2002, I opened The Jebby Shack full time. Sometime during 2003-04 we took over the 3-1/2 car garage that I had been renting to a detail shop. We then finally had room for all of the racks & crates of parts (or so we thought...), we converted an old office in the back of the detail shop into our motor room, to keep things neat & clean. So take a few minutes to check out the shop tours and see how we’re slowly expanding.

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